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Welcome to Sainik School Ghorakhal Alumni Website!

To do something you have to make it happen. Under patronage and leadership of Mr. Ajay Jain, Joint Secretary, Old Boys Association of Ghorakhal, we Ghorakhalis have united for a cause, 'The Gratitude' and hope to repay in concrete terms. Ghorakhal.Com wishes to undertake sincere efforts in the direction of paying our almamater, Ghorakhal what each of Ghorakhali wishes to give. It's well known that a Community is an atemporal reality that lives in undifferentiated frame of time.

Simultaneously, it lives in past, present and future. Past equipped with its wisdom and experience, acts as, a lamp-post for the present. It helps the present to be focussed and meaningful, without arresting the vibrant desire of present to experience itself.
We have undertaken the responsibility of bringing every Ghorakhali in touch with the present of his alma mater Sainik School Ghorakhal, Nainital. We wish to revitalise the past and initiate efforts which would make the presence of past felt. We wish to unite all ghorakhalis through this interactive forum that belongs to each of them and acts as a sort of collective blog. It would act as forum that would not just unite alumni but unite souls through goal, through our mission that is paying back what we owe to Ghorakhal.